Where is Kaaphal Hill?

This area lies in Eastern Kumaon in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.  Kaaphal Hill is about 80 miles south of Tibet and 50 miles west of Nepal in the middle Himalaya.


How to approach:

This place is about 8 kms  from Berinag on the way to Choukori and 5 minutes of walking distance from the road. The roads to Berinag, Bageshwar and Thal meet at a junction called Udiyari Bend. And Kaaphal Hill is about half a km from that junction.

The nearest railway station is Haldwani ( Kathgodam). State transport and private buses ply on this route. Taxis and jeeps are available from Haldwani and Almora.


  • Kathgodam – Kaaphal Hill  – 190 km
  • Almora – Kaaphal Hill  –         100 km
  • Bageshwar _ Kaaphal Hill –   40 km
  • Thal – Kaaphal Hill –                20 km

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