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We at Kaaphal Hill believe true journeys involve Edventure ( Education and Adventure). We forgo the comforts of home in search of something, that is the adventure part of it and while making our chosen journey we experience and hopefully learn – something about ourselves and the world, that is education and knowledge. In a broader sense travel  educates our senses and mind – knowing how others live,seeing beauty in Nature, finding solace in solitude, appreciating the joys of communal living, relaxing the body and mind, seeing the lighter side of life, getting inspired and gaining a perspective on life. A sojourn in the hills will certainly revive and reawaken your better selves. Explorations of landscape and mindscape go together.

Kaaphal Hill has something interesting and relevant to offer to those seekers and travelers in the Himalaya. We offer Short and Long Walks across the landscape in addition to  day trips to interesting places nearby.

Short Walks are meant for giving you a glimpse of local landscape and life in the hills. Nature Walks and Village Walks undertaken in a day or two and you are back to the Kaaphal Hill farm.

Long Walks take across the landscape- in to valleys and villages on the way and on to ridges and mountain passes for a deeper cultural and natural experience. They typically last for more than 3 days.

What  can you look forward to on these walks?

Explore high-valleys and glaciers deep in the Indian Himalayas– 30 miles South of Tibet, 30 miles West of Nepal.
Climb ridges and peaks from 8000 to 14000 feet for the wide angled views of some of the highest mountains in the world.
Stay in the homes of local Himalayan families and experience life through their eyes.
Learn about the local ayurvedic herbs and roots that have been used for health and medication for centuries.
Eat delicious local meals where almost every ingredient is grown locally. Taste spring water fresh from glacier melts!
Learn age old traditional sustainability practices from ancient cultures – honeybees, seed-saving practices, terrace farming, water management, crop timing and rotation and why such things matter.
Learn how men, women and children survive through the bitter cold and deep snow in extremely remote mountains without modern home heating, high-tech warm fabrics and snow-plows.
Hear stories from many generations of an ancient culture and get first hand information on how climate patterns have changed the shape of the earth and life within it.

Day Trips are better suited to visiting historical and cultural places near Kaaphal Hill Farm. The ancient temples at Bageshwar and Gangoli Haat offer an introduction to the architecture and religious culture of this region. The caves at Patal Bhuvneshwar are certainly worth visiting. A trip to Musk Deer Farm will be informative about these elusive and rare high altitude animals.

naari logo A meet up with local self help groups like Himalayan Naari gives an idea of how the hill communities are facing up the challenges of women’s empowerment and creating better livelihoods in rural areas and how you could take part and support these initiatives.



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