Farm Stay

… Living with Nature


Discover the rural life in the Himalaya

What is life like on a hill farm?

In the increasingly urbanized world, we find it difficult to imagine how our ancestors lived since the dawn of human civilization. It’s a known fact that farming started roughly 10,000 years ago. And only recently humans have moved to living in cities on a massive scale. Industrialization and a shift to non-agricultural economy make us feel we have lost older and wiser ways of life, which our ancestors led for millennia.


Honey by Kaaphal’s busy bees

At Kaaphal Hill, you have a chance to relive and experience that rural farming life. Seeing the peasants tending the crops, harvesting the grain, feeding the cattle, Milking the cows, picking the fruit, cutting the logs, making the fire, baking the bread…make you marvel at the simple pleasures of  life. Making things by  proper use of  hands. And discovering what they are meant and regaining a sense of bodiliy reality.



Hisalu – the hill fruit

We encourage you to try your hand doing these things and find what is on offer.  And be prepared to have food made out of organically cultivated vegetables and grains on the farm. Have a taste of fruits from our orchard, savour the aroma of freshly baked bread, relish the taste of home made honey and ghee…

Immerse yourself in the hill life. An antidote to stressed out life in the cities and a reminder of what we have left behind as a civilization.

farm plough

Farming in 21st century