Bird Watching

khalij pheasant

Khaleej pheasant

Why watch Birds with us ?

Uttarakhand and  Kumaon in particular is blessed with large tracts of virgin forests with teeming wild life. The UNESCO recognized Nanda devi Biosphere reserve and Askot Musk deer Sanctuary are located very near to  Kaaphal Hill retreat. These places are a natural habitat for the birds and other life forms of hill forests.

We at Kaaphal Hill believe that watching bird life is a kind of meditative activity. Our senses become alert  while the mind gets relaxed. Immersing in the act of spotting and studying the avian life can be a rewarding emotional experience. Get surprised in discovering the rich and diverse life of birds. It’s like stepping into a different world away from our usual occupation with all things human. It’s a realm with its own ways of life and logic.

Kaaphal Hill  provides an exhilarating experience in  Bird Watching tours organized for keen birders . Our guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic in helping our guests for a better brush with bird life. They are well versed in the topography of the area and habitat of various birds – native and migratory.

Contact us for exploring the parallel universe of the Himalayan birds in and around Kumaon.