… and inactivities

Do Nothing :

This is the age of electronic gadgets and social media. The world of constant connectivity and information overload. Their assault on our senses and mind is making our resources of focus and attention precious and scarce . While you are at Kaaphal Hill, may we suggest you chuck those e-devices and do nothing ?

noAs they say ” You see the bottom of a pond when you stop stirring the muddy water” .  So when your mind is at rest and not preoccupied with something or other, you have a chance to experience your true being and discover essential things about you? Finding the forgotten sides of yourself and regaining a sense of what is important for you?. So, may we recommend you just stare out of the window, be idle, let your mind wander, day dream, take an ‘aim less” stroll and laze around the farm? It might sound heretical in this age that proclaims “Do something and Be somebody”. Kaaphal Hill is a place to do some radical experiments in doing nothing and seeing for yourself what is,  which you lose sight of  in a million daily distractions.

“Enlightened Inactivity” may have its place in life, but we can not forever be stuck in that mode of life. We need activities and our minds crave for action. Activities that are emotionally enriching and fulfilling. Actions that make us healthy and wise. Your sojourn in the Himalaya could be more than meditating in divine solitude. So, we suggest you

Do Something:


Buckets of Kaaphal fruit

Be a farm hand: Try doing some of the chores  and learn farming practices.

Trek over the hills and enjoy camping experience atop the hill:  See the details here-  Short Walks

Connect with Nature: Take a short course in outdoor education. Eg. spotting the Himalayan birds

Take cookery lessons: Why not learn how to prepare a nutritious and delicious Kumaoni dish?

Pick the fruit ( in season ) around our orchard.

and read on:

Interesting Reads on the Himalaya

At Kaaphal Hill we are building a library with books and films on the Hamalaya – for those of you who would like to have a glimpse of its landscape and culture while relaxing on a couch.







There are travelogues, coffee table pictorials, adventure stories and guide books along with fiction whose back drop is the Himalayan setting. So settle with Ruskin Bond or Bill Aitkin and let their stories transport you to the world of Himalayan lore.

And you spend your time reading that important book you always wanted to read and found it hard to give it enough attention and time in a busy life. Your stay at Kaaphal Hill can be a relaxing reading holiday !