Autumn flowers at Kaaphal Hill Lodge

A stay on the farm need not conjure up images of sleeping on the ground in a barn,  with a bed of dried grass as your only convenience. No bleating of sheep to lull you into cozy sleep. We are not that rustic. Neither are you, we suppose. Yes, there are some creature comforts at Kaaphal farm.

roomWe have four well furnished double bed rooms with modern amenities and there is a spacious hall for accommodating larger groups.

In addition, if you wish to camp on the farm, we have tent facilities. Families with children are welcome to stay at Kaaphal hill retreat.

For those who would like to see village life at close quarters we have a few home stays coming up in the nearby villages and also along the trek trails. This is your chance to say NO to soulless hotels and experience life as it’s lived in the hills and contribute directly to the rural economy.

window view

Panchachuli Peaks framed by a window

While at Kaaphal lodge, let the views of snow peaks lit up by first rays of morning sun awaken you gently from your sleep. At the sight of this scenery from your room, we are sure, you will get out into the open to take in the  wide vistas of mountain landscape. And see for yourself the dramatic transformation of  land and sky from deep darkness to broad day light. Let the artist in you get inspired by the sights and sounds, smells and sensations of the beautiful morning. What a refreshing feeling to start the day with !


At Kaaphal hill  go organic with fruits, vegetables and grains produced on the farm. A chance to experience what foods tastes like if it’s not contaminated by chemicals and pesticides. And it’s fresh ! Along with standard North Indian dishes, have a taste of traditional Kumaoni and ethnic Pahari food in the relaxed ambiance of our retreat.


Rotis with ghee. Hand pound rice with greens curry

We strongly recommend you taste the traditional Kumaoni  cuisine which is very much attuned to the nutritional needs of humans and in sync with the earth. Prepared with care, involving fresh seasonal produce, organic food that nourishes the body and soul – simple,  wholesome and worth trying. And why don’t you lend your hand in making it in our open kitchen and in the process learning a recipe or two? These are the moments to cherish and share with the ones you care once you are back home.

Jholi  and Bhaang ka Chutney ,  anyone?


snow morning

Winter wonderland. Kaaphal Hill – After a fresh snow fall .